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Hi girls,
My name is Sonya. I am 25 and I am from St. Bernard parish (about 2 miles south-east of New Orleans.) I like SO many others lost everything to Katrina. My whole life I collected rainbows, coming out officially about a year and a half ago I wore, and displayed, my rainbows so proudly and they made me feel so good. I bought my very first home at the end of July, and when anyone asked what my color scheme was I answered with pride, "RAINBOW." I found your site about a week before the storm and was flipping about all the rainbows I would be adding. When I finally got to go home after the storm it was unreal, it still is. I could not believe what a mess my world had become. A lifetime of memories, all of my artifacts, my proof, my war metals ~ gone. But do you know that in that mess of mud and broken hope one thing was hung higher than flood waters, and that one thing had NO MOLD! That one thing was a feathered rainbow boa. How wonderfully appropriate that the one thing still beautiful in my life was a rainbow?
I think the things you have are so cool and I love your effervescent and beautiful faces. It makes me happy to see others embrace the rainbow and hold it up so high! Right now rainbows remind me a lot of what is gone forever, but I wanted to say that I LOVE your site and I plan to visit often when I have a home again.

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