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In 1978, Gilbert Baker of San Francisco, created the rainbow flag.  It originally consisted of 8 colors:  Pink for sexuality, Red for life, Orange for healing, Yellow for the sun, Green for nature, Blue for the Arts, Indigo for harmony, and Violet for spirit.

Gilbert and several volunteers made the first flag with their own hands, dying the material and sewing it together.  When he approached a flag company about mass production of his flag, he was told that pink was not available and the flag was reduced to 7 colors.

In memory of San Francisco's openly gay supervisor, Harvey Milk, being assassinated in November of 1978, the Pride Parade of 1979 was organized to show the strength and numbers of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender population in San Francisco.  The committee agreed to use Bakers flag, however only wanted 6 colors, 3 for each side of the street.  At that time the indigo stripe was dropped which created the 6 stripe flag as we know it today. 

The Rainbow Flag was first only used in the San Francisco area but quickly spread all over the country and eventually the world.  The International Congress of Flag Makers recognizes the rainbow flag as the valid flag of the glbt community.  Although the Rainbow Flag reminds us that ours is a diverse community, it is displayed by people with individual taste in which we are all proud of. 

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